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Welcome to the world of Outdoor Junkies Television (OJTV). OJTV is a group of everyday guys from the North woods of Wisconsin who eat, breath and live for the outdoors while at the same time know how to have a good time. OJTV’s energetic way of looking at the hunting and fishing world has created a large following and our team will certainly impress and entertain viewers with our fun antics, family fun and 100% fair chaise attitude. For over 8 seasons OJTV aired exclusively on Sportsman Channel as one of their top rated combination hunting and fishing programs. In 2010 OJTV was nominated by Sportsman Channel for a “Sportsman Choice Award - Best Small Game Clip” and in 2012 we were nominated again for a “Sportsman Choice Award - Best Combination Hunting and Fishing Program”. Recently, Outdoor Junkies rated a 4.2 (194,000 impressions) on Neilson Ratings during the 3rd & 4th quarter of 2017 on The CW57 - Madison, WI. OJTV IS ONE OF THE HIGHEST RATED PROGRAMS ON CHANNEL 57’S “WEEKENDS IN THE WILD” BLOCK. Join us all year in 2018 for season 10 as the Outdoor Junkies spend countless hours sharpening their hunting & fishing skills across the Midwest. Rain, heat, sleet or snow, no matter what the conditions are, the Junkies are always on the prowl trying to get their outdoor fix. Outdoor Junkies is available nationally on Hunt Channel!!! Check us out on ROKU, Amazon Fire, Google Plus, Apple TV & Hunt Channel’s website stream on over 4+ Million subscribers and live streaming on huntchannel.tv . ROKU has 23% of the market or 38.9 million people will watch Internet entertainment on it’s platform this year - followed by Google (22% or 36.9 million) Amazon (21.3% or 35.8 million) and Apple TV (12% or 21.8 million) - information sited from - July 31, 2017 USAToday.com

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